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What types of industries can work with Infood Protein products?

Industries dedicated to the manufacture of animal feed. We focus mainly on the aquaculture industry, pets and agricultural crops.

Is it recommended for human consumption?

At the moment it focuses heavily on animal nutrition. It is projected that in the future it will be one of the most important and sustainable sources of protein for human nutrition.

What are the benefits of insect farming?

Lower carbon footprint: Regenerative revaluation of organic waste.

Less water use: For the different processes
of the production.

Less land use: High performance vertical automated systems.

What types of organic waste do you use in your production processes?

We contribute by reusing selected industrial organic residues and by-products for the development of our products for animal nutrition.

How many black soldier fly eggs are capable of reducing 25 tons of selected organic waste?

With just 1 kilogram of eggs we are able to transform this amount of waste into functional ingredients for animal nutrition.

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