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We fight climate change by recovering organic waste and innovating in the development of products with a high nutritional value.

 Infood Protein Team

Robinson Arce



PhD in Cellular and Molecular Biology

From my point of view, scientific-technological development is essential to find better ways to attack environmental challenges. The early incorporation of R&D into science-based projects will allow the incorporation of innovative elements and the proposal of solutions that make good use of the scientific training of our team.

Neudo Buelvas Jimenez


Bachelor of Biology, Msc Cell Biology

Venezuelan and adopted by Chile, I am a Biologist and Master in Cell Biology with extensive experience in the investigation of biological cycles and cellular processes of living organisms, for scientific-technological applications. My motivation for the cultivation of insects is that it represents an innovative and disruptive biotechnological solution, which will allow in the future to mitigate the environmental and social challenges of our society.

Hypertension immunopathology Book

Alex Galaz



Professional with experience in scientific research. I believe in the sustainable production of macronutrients (proteins, fatty acids and carbohydrates) from insects, as a new food source for animal nutrition (fish, pigs, birds and pets) and in the sustainable development of emerging companies in our country through through the incorporation of teams of professionals linked to R&D since its inception.

Patricio Cuevas



Experienced research professional. I believe that we have a great responsibility towards future generations and that the potential of insect farming, its positive impact on animal nutrition and the environment, is enormous to face the challenges related to climate change that we are experiencing. Always hand in hand with innovation and scientific research, fundamental pillars of our company.


Meet the milestones of our journey. From the idea to today.


Collaboration of two regional projects: "Sumate a Innovar" and "Conecta y Colabora".


Allocation of funds:
"Innova Región" and "SSAF".


Product development:
Protein (Infood Meal), Oil (Infood Oil) and Fertilizer (Infood Frass).


Our colony is born:
From the tropical climate to the Valdivian jungle.


Fund allocation:
"Programa Regional de Apoyo al Emprendimiento" (PRAE).


An idea is born.
Infood Protein Foundation.


CEC entry.


Alma mater:
Universidad Austral, Valdivia, Chile.
Universidad de Los Andes, Merida, Venezuela.